43 Industries Well Suited for a Captive

This question comes up often, and many only think in the most general terms. But there are many, many types of industries that a properly structured Captive can be created to cover. Here is a list of industries that are good candidates to have in a company owned Captive:

  1. Real Estate Development
  2. Home Construction
  3. Management and Condo Conversion Businesses
  4. Nursing Home Industry
  5. Dental Professions
  6. Medical Professions
  7. Manufacturing and Related Businesses
  8. Staffing Company's
  9. Transportation Companies
  10. Long Haul Fleet Trucking
  11. Short Haul Fleet Trucking
  12. Bus Fleets
  13. Delivery Van Fleets
  14. Commercial Aircraft Fleets
  15. Commercial Ferry Fleets
  16. Freight Companies
  17. Automobile Dealerships
  18. Corporate Auto Fleets
  19. Beef Cattle and Livestock Transportation
  20. Oil and Gas Field Services Transportation Services
  21. Wrecking and Demolition with Transportation Services
  22. Glass Products Transportation
  23. Truck Trailer Fleets
  24. Commercial Aircraft Fleets
  25. Transportation Support Equipment
  26. Railroads Line-Haul Operating
  27. Local and Suburban Transit
  28. Taxicabs Fleets
  29. Intercity and Rural Bus Transportation
  30. Deep Sea Foreign Transportation of Freight
  31. Deep Sea Domestic Transportation of Freight
  32. Inland Waterways Transportation of Freight
  33. Deep Sea Transportation of Passengers (Cruise Ships)
  34. Ferries
  35. Water Transportation Services
  36. Scheduled Air Transportation
  37. Air Courier Services
  38. Chartered Air Transportation
  39. Packing and Crating Transportation Services
  40. Refuse Transportation Systems
  41. Equipment Rental and Leasing to Support Fleets
  42. Truck Rental and Leasing Fleets
  43. Air and Water Resource and Solid Waste Transportation Fleets