Free Phone Consultation

What Does a Free Consultation Entail?

A Consultation allows you access to an expert in his field, someone who is more concerned with answering your questions and making sure that a captive vehicle is the right choice for you and your company. Topics of discussion can include any questions you have about captives, insurance coverage’s, finances, alternative risk transfer mechanisms, or ways to save premium dollars for up to 20 minutes.

Any consultation beyond 20 minutes will be scheduled within 24 hours (often quicker) and billed at a rate of $200 per hour.


Areas of Expertise:

  • Using Alternative Risk Transfer methodologies on various insurance coverage’s to reduce your premiums without increasing your liability
  • Structuring a captive so that most of the premium paid stays in your company and becomes an Earning Asset, and not a continuing expensive liability
  • Creating Financial Pro Formas to show the projected result when premium and expenses change
  • Making sure that the captive is taxed at the lowest possible rate by taking full advantage of Internal Revenue Codes that apply only to insurance companies
  • Cutting your Workers Compensation Cost without increasing your risk and meeting your states mandated coverage requirement
  • Choosing either a Domestic or Foreign Domicile for your captive by using simple to read tables showing the differences in taxation, capital required, investments allowed, and local legislation as it applies to captives and their operation
  • Setting up the captive and obtaining the best possible service providers
  • Review and possible restructuring your insurance coverage’s to reduce your expenses, fill any coverage gaps, and increase the level of benefits that would be paid
  • Negotiating to reduce your premiums with insurance underwriters

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