Captive Insurance Associations & Trade Groups

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AGRIP Association of Governmental Risk Pools was organized in late 1998 as a membership organization for public entity risk and benefits pools in North America. Their mission is to unite the pooling community to achieve excellence in pooling management, operations and services. National Association
AICPCU American Institute for Chartered Property Casualty Underwriters and the Insurance Institute of America (IIA) are independent, nonprofit organizations offering educational programs and professional certification to people in all segments of the property and liability insurance business. National Association
ARRC American Risk Retention Coalition is a membership based coalition of industry trade associations, Risk Retention/Purchasing Group and Captive owners, service providers and excess and reinsurance carriers and intermediaries, and is affiliated with the Self-Insurance Institute of America (SIIA). AARC was formed in response to the United States General Accounting Office (GAO) report commissioned by Congress relative to the Liability Risk Retention Act of 1986. The purpose of ARRC is to address the issues raised in the GAO report and work with members of Congress to enhance and strengthen the LRRA. National Association
AzCIA Arizona Captive Insurance Association's mission is to support, promote, foster and market the position of the state of Arizona as an attractive, competitive, and vital captive insurance domicile, by providing education and networking opportunities for those who operate within the captive insurance industry. US Captive Domicile Association
BCCIA British Columbia Captive Insurance Association. goals are to represent it's members in the development of B.C. as a captive domicile; provide a forum for the professional development of all members; and to generally promote the B.C. captive insurance industry. Offshore Captive Domicile Association
BIDC Barbados Investment and Development Corporation is the industrial development agency of the Barbados Government. They promote and facilitate the establishment and expansion of business enterprises in Barbados. The BIDC provides a variety of free advisory services for local companies looking to become established or expand on the island. The website includes an article on why Barbados is attractive for captive insurance. Offshore Captive Domicile Association
BIM Bermuda Insurance Market - Information available here is maintained under the auspices of The Insurance Advisory Committee, a statutory body functioning under Bermuda's 1978 Insurance Act. Information on Bermuda Captive Owners Association (BCOA) can also be found here. Offshore Captive Domicile Association
Captive llc - owns and operates The Business-to-Business Risk and Insurance Exchange known as, a resource for technical information, domiciles, service providers, conferences, employment opportunities, and more. National Association
CICA Captive Insurance Companies Association, Inc. is a domicile-neutral captive insurance association. That means CICA is free from jurisdictional or commercial ties since it is not linked with a domicile or government entity. Founded by risk managers for their collective benefit, CICA continues to work to provide education, networking and leadership for captive and risk retention group professionals. National Association
CIC-DC Captive Insurance Council of the District of Columbia represents the corporate and association community interested in operating captive insurance companies in the District of Columbia, one of America's newest domiciles for captives. US Captive Domicile Association
DCIA Delaware Captive Insurance Association's mission is to serve as the unified voice of the captive insurance industry in Delaware and to support the development and growth of the industry through marketing, networking, education and legislative initiatives. US Captive Domicile Association
DIMA Dublin International Insurance & Management Association is a non-profit organization which represents the interests of non-life insurance, non-life reinsurance, life reinsurance and captive management companies conducting international business in Ireland. Offshore Captive Domicile Association
FSR The Friendly Society Restored based in South Carolina, is a group of captive professionals who have an interest in the industry. A society whose membership has no geographic limits and operates without rules, officers, bylaws or agendas except their mutual dedication to each other and the industry. Popular monthly breakfasts are among their networking activities. International Association
GCIA Guam Captive Insurance Association was formed to assist and advise the Insurance Commissioner regarding matters affecting captive insurance companies in Guam; and to support Guam's captive insurance industry with respect to legislative, regulatory and other matters which affect formation or operation of captive insurance companies. Offshore Captive Domicile Association
GFSC Guernsey Financial Services Commission is the regulatory body for the finance sector in the Bailiwick of Guernsey. The Commission’s primary objective is to regulate and supervise financial services in Guernsey, a leading European captive domicile. Offshore Captive Domicile Association
HCIC Hawaii Captive Insurance Council Since its establishment as a captive domicile in 1987, the State of Hawaii has become home to over 150 captive insurance companies. The website provides information on Hawaii’s captive laws, regulations, incorporation and formation process along with other useful information. US Captive Domicile Association
ICA International Compliance Association, dedicated to the furtherance of best compliance and anti money laundering practice in the financial services sector. They provide a forum for members to develop professional and working relationships within the industry and with related professions and organizations. International Association
IMAC Insurance Managers Association of Cayman provides information to help you better understand Caymans captive insurance industry. Offshore Captive Domicile Association
IRU, Inc. Intermediaries & Reinsurance Underwriters Association founded in 1967, the IRU is a not-for-profit corporation, organized for the purposes of reinsurance education and research and the dissemination of information relevant to the reinsurance industry. The IRU does not speak on behalf of its membership on industry issues nor does it engage in lobbying. They hold two working conferences each year, one in the spring and one in the fall. International Association
MCIA Montana Captive Insurance Association is dedicated to promoting the development and expansion of captive insurance programs within the state of Montana. They provide the members with unbiased industry information, networking and educational opportunities. They also provide the state's captive industry an effective voice in the legislative/regulatory process. US Captive Domicile Association
NRRA National Risk Retention Association is the voice of risk retention group and purchasing group liability insurance programs, organized pursuant to the Federal Liability Risk Retention Act. NRRA's central purpose is to promote Risk Retention Act-authorized group insurance programs as a practical, economical, efficient and financially sound option for distributing the liability risks of member insureds. They accompolish this through education, communication, government relations, and judicial advocacy. National Association
NzCIA New Zealand Captive Insurance Association's primary purpose is to assist in the promotion, development and maintenance of a quality captive insurance industry in New Zealand. The Association also acts as a liaison to the assessment of matters affecting captives and provides ongoing information and education to its members and others in the captive and insurance community on issues affecting captives. Offshore Captive Domicile Association
NCIA Nevada Captive Insurance Association, a non-profit organization, was formally organized in 2004. NCIA was formed to support, promote, foster, and market Nevada as an attractive and competitive captive insurance domicile; to assist and advise the Insurance Commissioner regarding matters affecting captive insurance companies in Nevada; and to support Nevada's captive insurance industry with respect to legislative, regulatory and other matters which affect formation or operation of captive insurance companies. US Captive Domicile Association
RIMS Risk and Insurance Management Society, Inc. is dedicated to advancing the practice of risk management, a professional discipline that protects physical, financial and human resources. Founded in 1950, RIMS represents nearly 4,000 industrial, service, nonprofit, charitable, and governmental entities. The Society serves 10,000 risk management professionals around the world. International Association
SCCIA South Carolina Captive Insurance Association formed in 2002, this non-profit organization promotes the formation and growth of captive insurance programs within the state of South Carolina. It carries out this role by providing legislative/regulatory representation, organizing educational conferences, and preparing a variety of informational resources. US Captive Domicile Association
SIIA Self-Insurance Institute of America, Inc. is the only national association dedicated exclusively to protecting and promoting the self-insurance and alternative risk transfer industry. National Association
UCA Utah Captive Association seeks to promote all alternative market mechanisms and services both in the United States and internationally and to increase the visibility of Utah as a center and domicile for alternative risk financing entities, activities and facilities. Their objective is to provide information and education to their members and others interested in the concept of alternative risk financing for existing risks not adequately served by the Commercial Insurance Industry. US Captive Domicile Association
VCIA Vermont Captive Insurance Association is the largest trade association for captive insurance in the world. Established in 1985, the Association has grown to provide lobbying support on both the state and federal levels for its 522+ member companies. In addition, it hosts and supports professional education opportunities for the industry. US Captive Domicile Association