We guide clients through the entire captive formation & management process, step by step, in simple terms. From the initial discussion to gauge the likely suitability for a captive, we help in seeking a suitable name, assisting with the business plan, forming the company and providing all underwriting support.

We work with insurance brokers, reinsurance brokers, fronting insurers, actuaries, tax advisors and other service providers in designing the captive. Our services include:

Our services include:

  • Captive consulting
  • Strategy Sessions
  • Group captive development
  • Cost/Benefit Analysis
  • Benchmarking services
  • Captive feasibility studies
  • Choose the best domicile
  • Form the new captive
  • Structuring the captive
  • Selecting Service Providers
    • Third-party administrator
    • Law firm
    • Actuarial firm
    • Accounting firm
    • Captive manager
  • Facilitate introduction to Insurance Commissioner
  • Secure Reinsurance
  • Program Implementation
  • Special Projects
  • Captive Board Representation
  • Arrange Risk Management workshops
  • Arrange Loss reduction programs
  • Assist in ongoing management of captive
  • Service-quality surveys
  • Monitored claim reporting
  • Optional, ongoing captive management services
    • Filing DOI regulatory forms and IRS tax forms
    • Reserve adequacy studies
    • Rating agency relations (Weiss, Standard & Poors, Etc.)
    • Any additional services required by law or the client

Initial Consultation

  • Overview of how a successful captive insurance company is formed
  • How rent-a-captives work and when they are a good choice.
  • Evaluate the protected cell captive concept
  • Understand the difference between a risk retention group and an association sponsored captive
  • See how wholly owned, group, and rental captives compare to traditional alternatives
  • An overview of captive friendly locations and the benefits of each
  • Find out what must be done to make a group captive succeed
  • Get expert insight into what should be covered by a captive feasibility study