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Don't miss out on wider business opportunities by not getting involved with captives. Middle-tier and smaller brokers who don't have within their organization the ability to offer a captive management arm to their clients or the knowledge to do so may be at risk from larger brokers such as Aon, Marsh, Willis, or those brokers who have their own captive management offering or have experience at doing that sort of structuring. When your key clients come up for renewal will you be prepared? ---- Brokers, at the point of renewal, should be in the position of offering the widest possible selection of alternatives and innovative ideas to their clients. Don't be in a position where the client has heard about this option and you haven't. You need to have this knowledge in your armoury whether you use it or not. Don't risk loosing your key clients.

The broker who can move with the times and make sure that they're always offering the newest and best technology in insurance terms to their clients not only create a win-win situation, they create a very good opportunity to shine in front of their clients.

Partner With Captive Insurance Alternatives

Our captive consulting services can provide you with enhanced capabilities to complement your core brokerage services and expertise.

We do not use a direct sales force but work with brokers and consultants to augment their own service capabilities. This partnership allows our broker and consultant partners to bring innovative solutions to their clients without investing in an internal resources specialist. All while maintaining control over their clients' accounts.

By partnering with Captive Insurance Alternatives you are gaining:

  • The security that comes with experience.
    With over 30 years' experience in the insurance industry, CIA understands your business and how to help you best meet your clients' needs. CIA has the expertise to help you understand how you can capitalize on cost savings, cash flow, loss prevention and claims through these alternative risk solutions.
  • Higher revenues and new business growth.
    In examining the risk management strategy of a client, the broker comes accross other policies, perhaps held by other brokers, or policies that haven't even been placed yet - and the opportunity to pickup more business from that client, which is either placed into the captive or direct into the market. Plus, the referrals you'll receive from highly satisfied clients, who now have greater control over their insurance costs.
  • New solutions.
    Dramatically differentiate your offerings from competing brokers and brokerage firms. Make a positive, direct impact on the bottom line for your client. Even brokers representing companies with diverse insurance needs turn to CIA for powerful solutions. Risk managers, CEOs and CFOs need to know their options. One option to explore for potential fit is formation of a captive insurance company.
  • Results.
    Captive programs offer employers access to greater control, improved stability and long-term cost reduction.
  • Solid Relationships.
    A great deal of time and money is spent on securing and keeping satisfied clients. The basic underlying advantage of setting a client up in a captive is that it creates a much longer-term relationship with that client. A broker can get much closer to senior management. You often find the financial director sitting on the board of the captive and very interested in the results of the venture. The broker then has a better potential level of business from that client than he had before.
  • Independence and control.
    Because CIA is an independently owned and operated company, with no ties to a broker, insurer or other service provider, we are able to partner with the broker on a no-conflict basis. Plus, you always maintain control of your client relationships, and with the support of CIA we can help your clients better manage their risk.

Capture the Captive Concept

Many industries are well suited for a Captive, from manufacturing and distribution, to construction, transportation, temporary employment agencies, retail, food and beverage production and nursing homes. Captive insurance programs can be beneficial to employers in both 'hard' and 'soft' insurance markets. A captive is simply a financial vehicle that allows an employer to pay its actual costs and not a market price. A captive therefore makes sense anytime insurance carriers are charging a large profit component in addition to covering their costs. Above all else, what empowers brokers to tell their clients about the captive concept is the security that comes from greater control over their insurance destiny, plus significant insurance cost reductions.

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