Captive Insurance Programs Offer Investment Income

Captive programs have been available since the early 1900's and have evolved into many forms. In its purest definition a captive offers the customer the ability to have their own insurance company and in effect gives the customer the ability to increase net income, shelter and grow capital, and many other tax advantages, not to mention providing the flexibility to decide how and when to pay any claims.

Many organizations do not have the resources at their disposal to develop the skills & knowledge to understand the nature of risk. This leads to oversights, mistakes, omissions, or wrong choices. Inevitably increasing costs & lost time. Without the proper tools and training, they often lack the experience to put into effect the practical, cost effective methods needed in this challenging environment. The Good News is.... all this can be avoided.

We will lead you through the process of determining if a Captive Insurance Company can benefit your organization. If it does, we offer cost effective methods to establish and manage the Captive.

Why send your premiums to an insurance company, when you can send them to yourself?

Captive Insurance Company (defined) - A captive insurance company primarily insures the risks of its owners and sometimes related or affiliated firms and returns underwriting profit and investment income to those owners. These earnings would normally be retained by a traditional insurance carrier. Captives are insurers owned by the insured and organized for the main purpose of funding the owner's risks. These owners actively participate in decisions influencing its underwriting, operations and investments. One of the principle advantages are that when a captive owner pays premium, they are actually paying themselves. This creates immediate income, builds capital, and shelters investment income from taxation.